Services FAQ's

Q. What does ElectroMagnetic Technologies actually do?

A. We are an electronic engineering test laboratory and consultancy, specialising in electromagnetic and RF compliance.

Q. What kind of electronics?

A. Our principal service is a comprehensive test measurement and advice service to enable manufacturers to ensure their product complies with the international regulations and standards, e.g. for the CE mark. We also offer various other EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and RF (radio frequency) related services, e.g. advice on issues of static, antenna design and training on any of the above as well as transmission line theory.

Q. What sort of standards and regulations would cause a manufacturer to need your help?

A. International standards relating to compliance with electromagnetic emission levels (both radiated and conducted emissions) and immunity as well as compliance with the low-voltage directive.

Q. How does the manufacturer know he needs your advice?

A. In order to achieve the CE mark on his products, it is the manufacturer's responsibility to ensure that the products comply with the EU regulations and directives. The best way to show proof of  this is to have the product tested by a reputable test-house which will stand over the results achieved.

Q. Do we have to get a whole suite of tests done, or can you do pre-compliance testing of a product in its early stage of design for some area that is causing the manufacturer concern?

A. Yes, you can book testing in our laboratory at an hourly rate (minimum 2 hours)  to  scan a product quickly, perhaps for some specific type of test , and thus ensure that the design is progressing as you had hoped.

Q. What happens if our product fails during testing?

A. If a failure is met during testing, EMT will stop the testing and discuss with you how to proceed. You may like EMT to investigate the failure and suggest a remedy and this service is provided at an hourly rate. We carry a comprehensive list of components and tools which can help with investigation within our laboratory. Or you may wish to take away the product and try to correct the failing area yourself. It's your call. At EMT we pride ourselves on our flexibility and desire to comply with the clients' wishes where possible.

Q. What area of manufacturing would your clients be in?

A. Our clients are usually in the business of manufacturing electronic or electrical products. These could vary from computers through domestic appliances such as electric showers, to medical and power drive systems. However, we have advised clients as diverse as retail traders with static problems, steel manufacturers with radio frequency emissions from their welders, and tool manufacturers with radio frequency emissions from cooling fans in motors.

Q. What else do you do?

A. We can advise on product redesign for manufacturers whose product currently fails the above standards, and this might involve repositioning components within the products, the use of filters or it might involve shielding which would prevent the emissions from reaching beyond the product (or indeed, from entering the product where there is an immunity issue) so that it cannot interfere with, or be interefered with, by other products or appliances when it is in use.

Another area which is growing is the need for information on compliance issues.  For example which Directives apply to your product, which standards should be tested to?  Is it necessary to notify member states of the EU if you are placing a wireless product on the EU market under the RED Directive?  We can help with the answers to these and many other questions relating to compliance.

Market Access Consultancy is another service we provide.  Clients request research into market access to specific countries for their IT equipment, for example what standards must the product comply with, requirements for import licenses, special telecoms requirements etc.  A report is generated which includes links and references to official sources for the information.

We also provide a range of Training Courses.


CE Mark and
FCC Specialists in the following :

  • Automotive
  • Communications Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Media Equipment
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Power Supplies
  • Radar
  • Security Equipment
  • Windfarms
  • ... and so many more