EMC Training Course

Getting Started

  • The dB
  • dBuV/m to dBm

Coupling Systems (Capacitive and Inductive)

  • Capacitance between wires
  • Capacitive crosstalk between wires with demonstration
  • Demonstration
  • Effect of shielding
  • Self and mutual Inductance
  • Inductance crosstalk between wires with demonstration
  • Demonstration

Components in everyday use and their EMC profile

  • Resistor
  • Capacitor
  • Inductor
  • Wire
  • Ferrite

Bypass Capacitor

  • Bulk Capacitor
  • Small Capacitor
  • Demonstration

Radiation from Antennae

  • A plane wave
  • Loop antenna
  • Rod antenna
  • Near and the far field
  • Power and Electric field
  • Anechoic Chamber versus Open Air Test Site
  • Demonstration

Conducted Emissions

  • The set up
    Differential mode current
    Common mode current
    Designing of PCB Boards
  • Track layout
    Different layers
    Component placement


  • Reflections from conductive surfaces
  • Absorptions in conductors
  • Shielding technologies
  • Effect of apertures

During the course a number of experiments will be run to bring home the concepts just discussed.

  • Broadband/narrowband signal
  • Capacitive coupling
  • Inductive coupling
  • Differential mode and common mode currents.
  • Harmonics form square waves.
  • Bypass capacitor
  • Inductance in leads and their effects on supply rails.
  • Shielding materials.