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EMT WaveformsOur mission at ElectroMagnetic Technologies is to be a leading provider of the best in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) services, including consultancy, testing, re-design and training. Our services include:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Consultancy
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing (Tests Available)
  • Product Redesign to reach conformity with the Electromagnetic Compatibility directive.
  • Market Access Compliance Consultancy
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility training. (General Course Details)
  • Static Protection Programmes
  • Static Awareness Training. (Course Details)
  • Magnetic field interference minimisation.
  • Transmission Line effects.
  • Transmission Line theory training. (Course Details)
  • Radio Frequency Interference measurements


CE Mark and
FC Specialists in the following :

  • Automotive
  • Communications Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Media Equipment
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Power Supplies
  • Radar
  • Security Equipment
  • Windfarms
  • ... and so many more


Breaking News!

We are now delighted to announce that we are partners with Cranage EMC Testing in the UK. On top of the professional EMC testing service already offered by ElectroMagnetic Technologies Ltd (EMT) in Cork, we can now offer further services through our partner Cranage, such as Safety Testing for the Low Voltage Directive, General Product Safety Testing, Notified Body services, and accredited (UKAS) EMC testing. Cranage is also an authorised test facility for testing products against American (UL) and Canadian (CSA) standards.

For you, our customer, the good news is that depending on your requirements the Cranage-EMT partnership can offer accredited EMC testing (where necessary) within our group covering all your LVD and EMC needs with the options of CB testing and Notified Body reports as necessary.

Call us with your requirements and we will steer you in the direction most suited to you and your product.